Meet Mia

I am a 24 year old festival enthusiast, earring connoisseur, and relentless celebrator of self love, currently living in Southern California.

Inspired by my festival travels, badass female role-models, and personal chase of self-acceptance, I created The Innerblooming: the blog designed to spread love and empowerment to evolving and free-spirited women everywhere.

I have been a contributor for, Lightning in a Bottle (2017), and Little Black Diamond, while attending over 20 festivals in the past 3 years.  These experiences have allowed me to grow into my own unique person and see so much of the beauty that this abundant life has to offer.

By merging my passion for being a woman, my love for festivals, and my self-love journey, I hope to provide you with some of the guidance needed to become the best, brightest, and most independent version of yourself – who is eager to spread acceptance, positivity, and FUN to others. Thank you endlessly for being here!

Much Love,