Meet Mia


I am a 25 year old festival enthusiast, earring connoisseur, and relentless celebrator of self love currently bopping around Southern California.

Inspired by my festival adventures, BADASS women role-models, and my own personal development journey, I created The Innerblooming: the  guide designed to elevate, inspire, and comfort other free-spirited women around the world.

I have been a contributor for, Lightning in a Bottle, FestWorld Magazine, and Little Black Diamond, which has granted me the opportunity to attend over 25 festivals in the past 3 years.  These experiences have allowed me to grow into my own independent person, find a unique community, and to see so much of the abundance that life has to offer.

By merging my passion for being a woman, my love for festivals, and my self-love journey, I hope to provide you with some of the guidance needed to become the best, brightest, and most independent version of yourself. Thank you endlessly for being here!

Much Love,



P.S: I’d love to collab!