Navigating A Big Life Move

Moving is one of those activities that always seems exciting until it comes time to pack the house. I’ve been there many times and while it’s never gotten to be a fun experience- it has become easier. While I am now happily living in San Diego and hopefully never leaving – I have definitely had my fair share of moving experiences.

Moving States

Getting Rid Of Excess

Probably one of the most difficult parts of moving states is deciding what to bring and what to leave. The best part about this time period, though, is that it is a wonderful opportunity to start fresh. To ensure you are coming into your next stage of life with brand new energy and some extra cash, may I recommend taking the clothes you no longer love to a clothing resale store. I am more of a fan of smaller local shops than the big national names, as they are more generous with their buybacks. There’s nothing like mustering up the courage to bring your once-loved belongings to Buffalo Exchange only to have them not buy a single thing. We’ve all been there, don’t worry.

Through my many moves, I have found that the quickest way to get rid of bigger items like couches and bedroom sets is to list them on Facebook Marketplace. People are actively on this platform looking for these types of items and you’re able to keep communication all in one app. An added bonus of this, is that you can view potential buyers’ profiles to ensure they are who they say they are, and avoid any creepy interactions. Of course, people will try to haggle, so it’s up to you to determine the lowest amount of cash you are willing to take.

Scheduling The Move

There is nothing quite as intimidating as planning a move across states especially when you’re thinking about doing it alone. Of course, if you can find a trusted friend to accompany you on the move, this is ideal. If you’re looking for leverage, you can even offer to pay for their flight back home. Now, if you have to face a move solo- it can also be a really liberating experience. My biggest piece of advice here though is to schedule breaks. During my move from Colorado back to California, I actually met my dad halfway in Las Vegas. To date, this was one of my favorite memories. It was a really stressful day and I was so grateful to be able to decompress over chicken wings and beer with him.

Emotionally Preparing

Emotions when moving are inevitable. No matter how excited you are or how aligned the move is, you are doing something new and unknown. So first, pat yourself on the back. You are living for you and following your heart. That is something to be proud of! Second, make sure to be patient with yourself. It will take you a while to get settled and meet new people, especially if you are moving to a brand new city. Don’t be afraid to let your loved ones know that you need a bit of extra support during this time and would appreciate them checking in. It’s also important to ground yourself in some familiar routines. This can be finding your nearest Yoga studio, taking yourself out for a Friday night movie, or looking for your favorite cuisine. And if that cuisine is Domino’s Pizza- I definitely won’t judge.

Moving Cities

Timing the move

Some may argue that moving across a state like California is just as taxing as moving states. I would tend to agree. Even if you’re just moving a couple cities away, moving can be a long drawn out process. It’s important to go into moving day with a clear game plan and lots of patience. To ensure you won’t be sitting on the freeway for hours – make sure to check Google maps. The website has a feature where you can see what traffic looks like at certain times of day, and it really helps to make your day as efficient as possible. Spoiler alert: early morning or late night are the best times to ensure your moving day goes quickly. If you are renting a moving truck, make sure to schedule your rental weeks in advance. Times are crazy and moving trucks are in short supply.

Coordinating Moving Help

When I moved from Claremont, CA to San Diego, CA I was lucky enough to have my boyfriend to help me. Nonetheless, it was still quite the endeavor: I had to drive my car from Claremont to San Diego, drive back up to Claremont with my boyfriend, we rented the moving truck, and then proceeded to drive back to San Diego separately. If I could do it all again I would not do any of that. Rather, I would hire a trustworthy moving company like Big Deahl’s Movers to take care of all of the work. To be honest, the amount of time and gas we spent during that day would likely have been just the same cost as hiring these Rancho Cucamonga long distance movers to handle the move. I’m one of those people that try to do everything myself to a fault, but as with everything else in life: it is ok to ask for help.

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