A Q&A WITH San Diego Esthetician, Ashley Reese of Mixed Esthetics

Finding an esthetician you love and vibe with can be a daunting task. When I first moved to San Diego, this was one of the main challenges presented to me. It can be hard to find an esthetician in a new city where you literally don’t know anyone. Luckily the skincare Gods came to my rescue and connected me with the BEST San Diego based esthetician, Ashley at Mixed Esthetics. My skin has been blessed by Ashley on many different occasions and I can tell you I trust her fully. Not only is she so skilled, but she has a personality that immediately makes you feel as though she is your long-time BFF as soon as you sit in her chair. Getting a facial at Mixed Esthetics is one of my favorite self care activities and I can no longer keep her a secret. I need to share the love with you because every woman deserves a high-quality facial.

Get to know my #1 Skincare Guru, Ashley of ME below.

Mia: Hey girl! Great to be chatting with you. So, tell me about your journey to becoming an esthetician.  How did you know this career was meant for you?

Ashley: When I first moved to San Diego from Savannah, GA, I intended on becoming a Registered Nurse.  I had always had a desire to help and serve other people and at one point in time nursing felt like my calling.  I got into RN school and during my clinical rotations I had an intuitive feeling that made me recognize my lack of fulfillment and joy in the field.  It wasn’t for me and I dropped out shortly after. I knew I had to find another way that I could still use my hands to help people. I immediately thought of beauty and skincare. I signed up for an orientation class at San Diego City College and the rest is history. Being an esthetician is an emotionally rewarding profession. It’s one thing to tell a client that they are beautiful, but when they finally see, feel and believe that themselves, and I see that in their eyes, that’s the most rewarding part of it all.  

Mia: So, I know I love coming to you for the Signature Facial. It changed my life and I recommend it to everyone I can. What other services do you offer?

Ashley: Services at Mixed Esthetics are customizable. Oftentimes, first time clients think they want a certain treatment but are not aware nor thoroughly educated on how and why their current skin condition came about.  We emphasize taking advantage of free consultations so your skin can be properly and thoroughly assessed. Rhis will help to create a treatment plan for your specific skincare concerns ensuring we have an amazing outcome. We offer a wide range of results oriented facial treatments, mild to medium depth chemical peels, acne boot camp, and Hydrofacials. We also carry pharmaceutical-grade and medical-grade skin care products. However, our newest addition to Mixed Esthetics is Brazilian waxing and they are selling like hot cakes!

Mia: You are probably the only one that could convince me to get a Brazilian! Haha. Ok, so give us some skincare hot tips. For those that can’t afford to get facials regularly, what regimen do you recommend for at-home skin care?

Ashley: The regimen at home is the most important aspect of developing and maintaining healthy, hydrated and clear looking skin. If you’re guided in the right direction and using pharmaceutical or medical-grade products, the skincare routine doesn’t have to become complex. You need a pH balanced cleanser, vitamin C serum, and a great SPF.  If your skin is dry you can add a moisturizer. If you can afford it, throw in a retinol for nighttime. At Mixed Esthetics, we carry an SPF that doubles as a moisturizer and doesn’t feel heavy or oily on the skin. 

Mia: Thank you! You have helped me realize just how important sunscreen is in my routine. Currently, what is your favorite SPF?

Ashley: Hands Down, Extreme Protect 30 from iS Clinical! It has an amazing texture, does not leave a white cast, and leaves your skin hydrated and absolutely glowing. And don’t forget: you should be reapplying your SPF every 2 hours.

Mia: As the owner and founder of Mixed Esthetics, what makes you feel empowered?

Ashley: Being the first in my family to own a business. Being a woman who owns a business. Being a Black woman who owns a business. Having clients who love to come in and building bonds with those clients. Building and being a part of a community of strong women-owned business owners. Keeping Mixed Esthetics, afloat during Covid. Making a change in the world. I could go on and on.

Mia: You are amazing at making me feel confident in my skin. So thank you for that. Anything else you’d like to add?  

Ashley: Yes. When it comes to skincare products, knowing the difference between pharmaceutical grade and cosmetic grade products is very important. Pharmaceutical grade skincare products are regulated as drugs, their ingredients must be 98% pure, undiluted, lack impurities and must do what they claim to do. Cosmetic-grade skincare products may be made with ingredients that are non-pure, contains numerous filler ingredients and offer minimal effectiveness. This is why it so important when looking for an esthetician to visit, that you make sure they are using and selling pharmaceutical-grade skincare. You may be paying a little more for the treatment but with consistency, trust and patience, results are guaranteed. 

To all of my San Diego based girls looking for a trusted esthetician to take care of all of your waxing and facial needs, I can’t recommend Ashley enough. If you mention this post while booking, you will receive $25 off of your first Brazilian wax at Mixed Esthetics.

You can find Ashley online at:


IG/Facebook: @mixed_esthetics

Yelp/Google: Mixed Esthetics

She is located in Mission Valley at:

2667 Camino Del Rio South Suite 213-4

San Diego, CA 92108

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