The CBD Face Serum I Can’t Live Without

CBD, however buzzy it may have become, has earned its reputation as the omnipotent, heal-all compound that can do no wrong. It has found its way into chocolates, toothpick, socks, and pillows. Gimmick? You decide for yourself. However, I can tell you that the only products I’ve cared to consistently have on hand are ingestible CBD oils and a high quality CBD face serum. And let me please put an emphasis on the high-quality. Not all CBD face serums are created equally and it is important to do your diligence when selecting one. Or…you can just continue reading on to learn all about the one CBD face serum that has done nothing short of CHANGE MY ENTIRE LIFE. Belle Visage, I am looking at you, girl.

Belle Visage by newcomer CBD brand, Element Apothec is a luxurious, nutrient-packed CBD face serum that not only features 500 mg of Broad-Spectrum CBD, but also 50 mg of CBG. CBG is the precursor for other cannabinoids, including CBD, and is thought to interact with the brain at a stronger level than CBD. While CBG is much more difficult to source, CBG and CBD have those similar antibacterial and inflammatory properties that we all love. With that being said, I think it’s important to let you know that Element Apothec practices what they preach and only use sustainable practices to source their ingredients. Everything they offer is cruelty-free so no humans, ecosystems, or animals are mistreated in the process of making this oil, or any of their products.

This oil is also fortified with a powerhouse concoction of several beautiful, healing, and uplifting plant oils. Ylang Ylang, Rose, Jasmine, Lily and Lotus flower oils are just a snippet of what is packed into this lovely botanical formula. I began using this serum about two months ago and have graciously received so many compliments not only on how clear and glowy my complexion has become, but also how great my face smells. Not kidding. Belle Visage’s light and floral scent doubles as a natural perfume replacement. It’s romantic, sweet, and sexy. Yet, it is subtle enough to be unisex. My boyfriend loves using it just as much as I do.

The secret superstar of this formula, though, is the AMAZING Sea Buckthorn Oil. This oil is full of fatty acids, carotenes, tocopherols and phytosterols. In layman’s terms: it promotes skin elasticity, cell regeneration, and even helps treat and prevent breakouts. Sea Buckthorn Oil is also what gives this CBD face serum a one-of-a-kind golden glow that I just cannot get enough of. Once applied, it leaves a light tint that brightens and evens my skin to the point where I now feel confident wearing this CBD face serum out instead of foundation or BB cream. Think summertime glow without all of the sun damage.

If you’ve been looking for the queen of all CBD face serums, Belle Visage is it. It’s corrective, reduces signs of aging, detoxifies pores, smooths appearance of fine lines, intensely hydrates, and creates a royal golden glow. At $99.99 a bottle, Belle Visage is a splurge-but one that has instant and long-term benefits. It will become your skin’s BFF and help you feel more confident without wearing makeup. I know the cost is high for some of us, so here’s a pro tip: Element Apothec offers Afterpay. You’re welcome.

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