Supplementing my Daily Self Love Routine With Zhou Nutrition

This piece is written in collaboration with Zhou Nutrition.

Self love is the foundation of success, joy, and healing. It is the key to living a full life that feels good from the inside out. Are you doing absolutely everything in your power to align with that?

If you don’t answer a resounding yes to that question, this means there is probably a pretty glaring change that needs to be made. If you’re not putting your well-being first above all else, this means it’s time to look inward and take some time to refill your cup. You owe yourself unconditional love, even in the messy moments. Especially in those moments. The hard part of this journey, though, is that it doesn’t come with a one-size-fits-all guidebook on how to love yourself just right. I can tell you what I’ve found though is that there is magic in routine.

While routine used to sound boring or monotonous to me, it’s recently shifted to becoming sacred, Routine has become what carries me through my days, and strengthens my capacity for self love. When so many aspects of life are out of anyone’s control, having daily routines allows one to have “touchpoints” in a day to connect back with self. If this sounds like an area you’re lacking in, have no fear. I’m going to break down a few of my favorite self-love boosting routines that you can supplement your own days with to feel more connected and grounded,


  • Do at least one sun salutation immediately upon waking up,
  • Connect to my body and intuition by playing a few notes on the singing bowl and pulling from my card deck.
  • Drink a matcha and take two Zhou Nutrition Calm Now. This formula by Zhou is AMAZING at keeping me balanced and calm throughout my day. It is full of B vitamins and anxiety-reducing herbs like Ashwaganda, Lemon balm, and Rhodiola. Calm Now is my best friend on days where I have multiple presentations or meetings and I want to perform my best. One bottle with 30 servings runs at $19.
  • Hot yoga is my preferred way to get movement in. I usually take the 7:30am class to wake my body up and begin my day with a reminder of how strong I am.
  • I usually eat a light, easily digestible breakfast like a smoothie or protein shake- but if it’s a day I need some comfort you know I have no qualms with picking up a bagel or donut,


  • I have an alarm that goes off at 12pm each day that reminds me to get up and drink a cup of water. Hydration is key and helps me function at my best.
  • If I feel my energy lagging, I take two of the Zhou Nutrition Ashwaganda Blend supplements. I love this Ashwagandha because it’s actually a blend full of several of my favorite adaptogens like Rhodiola, Cordyceps, and Reishi. it provides me with clarity and energy that helps me get over the afternoon slump. It runs at about One bottle costs $17 and contains 30 servings. This has to be one of the most affordable and effective adaptogenic supplements I’ve tried.
  • I put on my favorite playlist and dance my heart out to at least one song. This is one of my favorite ways to lift my mood and get some extra movement in.


Before dinner, I like to eat or drink probiotic to make digestion simpler for my body.

My nightly skincare routine helps me end the day on a note of pampering. Cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing with yummy oils is any every night thing.

While getting ready for bed, I like to think or say 5 things I’m grateful for. It’s even better when it starts a conversation with my partner.

Chugging one big glass of water before bed alongside one Zhou Nutrition Driftoff sets me up for the best night sleep possible. Driftoff stands out in the world of sleep supplements because of it’s natural ingredient list that includes lavender and chamomile. It is also one of the few supplements that give a soothing night’s rest without resulting in a groggy morning. While a good night’s sleep is priceless, Driftoff is still affordable at $19 for a bottle that contains 30 servings.

If your self love journey seems daunting, know that you are not alone. There are so many rituals and supplements that are here to help you. It may not always be sexy or easy, but routine is a sure way of getting in tune with what you need from life. Remember, self love isn’t an end point, but the daily act of choosing yourself over and over again.

Much love,

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