Mohnia Patel

Celebrating Innovation in CBD With Mohnia of Shanti Wellness

When you cross paths with Mohnia for the first time, there are a couple things you will notice right away, her joy for life and her passion for Shanti Wellness being the most obvious. She is a natural connector, an ambitious mind, and a powerful woman ready to leave her mark in the wellness world.

Shanti Wellness is a gorgeous brand of both topical and ingestible products that bind together CBD and essential oils to deliver the most healing products possible. Mohnia, age 27, created this brand two years ago with painstaking care, making sure that each product delivered tangible healing benefits and peaceful moments of self care. I am so excited to be able to share with you guys a peek into our conversation.

Mia: So Mohnia, hat was a pivotal point in your business growth?

Mohnia: Mid 2019, getting some traction due to press and media opportunities helped us grow a bit…even then its mostly the constant hard work, non stop hustling that I think moves the needle.

Mia: What has been the hardest part of getting started in the CBD industry?

Mohnia: The hardest part is pretty much running the business itself. The cannabis, hemp and CBD industry suffer a lot by just not having the same freedoms allotted to other businesses. Processing, banking, advertising, social media…everything is challenging. 

Mia: Do you feel having a formal education prepared you for this career? 

Mohnia: Not really. I have a degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Honestly, I don’t think I use much more than the basic stuff in my daily life. Life and practice are the best teachers. I also think both my experience working with my dad at his wellness store and internships are what helped me for this career the most.

Mia: What keeps you pushing through even through the downfalls and stress?

Mohnia: I truly believe in our products. I see them help people every day and they’ve helped me for years. When I’m feeling down, burnt out or too stressed, that beacon of light pushes me through. I want to make a difference in how we feel. That’s my North Star.

Mia: You’re in business with your husband…how has that experience been?

Mohnia: It’s a blessing to work with my husband. I feel that we’ve always been working together since we knew each other. We met in a college classroom and worked on many projects, then we started a business right when we graduated and now, Shanti Wellness! There is no one I trust and value more. But working with your partner has its own unique challenges and we try to be cognizant of them. We have been working on drawing boundaries, putting hard stops on “work time” and not bringing business into the bedroom.

Mia: What do you hope to see in the future for Shanti Wellness, and the CBD industry as a whole?

Mohnia: I hope my mission of wellness is furthered via Shanti Wellness. We are not just a CBD company and I want to drive that home more. CBD isn’t the only thing that can help someone. I hope to introduce new ingredients, methods of delivery, and formulas into our daily lives that help with stress, sleep, pain and more.

Mia: Do you have advice for a woman wanting to get involved in the wellness or CBD industries?

Mohnia: Don’t just bring out another CBD tincture, try to create something new. The market is saturated and you want to stand out! Also, lean on other women entrepreneurs, we’ll welcome you with open arms.
Mia: Any tips for those interested in trying CBD but who still may be weary?

Mohnia: Try it! Try a topical before an ingestible if you’re weary.But really, there is so much upside to natural wellness, you’ll be glad you tried it!

Mia: How has CBD helped you personally?

Mohnia: It helped me a lot when I was let go from my job in 2018. I felt very low and depressed. Sometimes, it was a win for me to even shower and make a meal. CBD came into my life when I was down and needed help. It helped me get my mental state together so I could accomplish things that made me feel good such as exercise, yoga or errands.

Mia: And finally, what is  your favorite self care ritual?

Mohnia: I am a bath queen! I love lighting a candle, putting on a face mask and taking a bath. I created a set of CBD bath bombs which we recently released and its a divine goddess moment for me everything I use them!

This week, Mohnia and Shanti Wellness are running a 20% off sale, and donating a portion of profits to those impacted negatively by COVID-19, so make sure to stop by the site and support.

And, while Mohnia is excited for the bright future of the CBD industry, she can also acknowledge the painful history: there are people still incarcerated for cannabis, the same plant that she relies on to build Shanti Wellness. She urges those who can help to get involved with the cause at

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