Taking a Stroll Through Mimi Zulu’s New EP: Convergence

Last week, San Diego based Mimi Zulu released her newest creation, the vibey EP known as Convergence.

In a way that only Mimi and her band can expertly do, they melded together a blend of intimate lyrics, intricate sounds, and melodious instrumentals to create this powerful project.

Convergence can best be described as a selection of songs made for a reflective stroll through the park or a sultry evening in with a lover. It is a rare EP that covers the sphere of all the sounds Mimi is known for: a delightful combination of soul, blues, jazz, trip-hop, electronica, spoken word, and psychedelic. When asked about the creative process for Convergence, Mimi states, “This project was birthed through an openness of expression and creativity. What came of it was a convergence of each of our souls, and out came love.”

The EP starts off with “Oh so Sweet II” a delicious embodiment of what love truly feels like. With passionate lyrics that simultaneously emit feelings of sweet nostalgia and deep yearning, you cannot help but reflect on the beginning of a beautiful relationship, or the feelings of a treasured love lost.

Next up on the Convergence tracklist is the booming song “Look Around”. With deep, yet simple lyrics, Mimi Zulu puts out a call to action for society to wake up and connect back to their souls and spirit. It’s a powerful song that evokes inner-questioning and inspires change-making.

Now, when you wander onto the next track, “Mirrors”, expect an immediate sense of enlightenment and mysticism to wash over you. In this song, Mimi’s empowering lyrics reflect on the feelings of recognition and togetherness that come with looking for the higher good in someone else.

Closing the journey of Convergence is the upbeat anthem, “Soul Powered Stroll”. In this uplifting song Mimi is joined by her bandmates in delivering a dreamy piece that inspires confidence, expansion, and happiness. With lyrics like “You decide what you see, does it take you somewhere you’re meant to be?” Mimi incites us to look deep and see if the realities we are living are as big, beautiful, and bold as they could possibly be.

To celebrate the release of this smooth EP, join Mimi Zulu at EVE Encinitas this Saturday, March 14th at 7pm. Tickets are a steal at $15 (purchase here), and I can promise you a Zulu performance is a memorable experience full of creativity, fun, and love.

Listen to the Convergence EP here:

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