Wellness Tips For the Girl on The Go.

Hi, Friends!

Long time no talk! I have been a busy woman roaming the freeways of Southern California and my blog definitely hasn’t received the love it deserves. With my job being so fast-paced, I find it really difficult to pause and take a moment for creativity to arise.

But, I’m BACK! And it feels so good.

The reality is, from being a festival lovin’ chick to a road warrior by trade, much of my life is lived in transit; I’ve done more full outfit changes in the front seat of my car than you could even imagine and I can do my full makeup routine while driving down the 10 freeway. However, wellness can definitely take a backseat in this lifestyle if I am not being intentional.

Last travel season, I literally lost count of how many times I went through a Taco Bell drive through. I was constantly breaking out. I was gaining weight. I was burnt TF out.

This travel season…I only went to Taco Bell once (I even walked inside to order). I stayed at my same weight (not that that should matter) My skin…was still a pain in my ass, but I could actually manage it. And most importantly, I felt healthy.

To achieve this, every single day I had to be INTENTIONAL with bringing wellness into my routine. It wasn’t always easy or convenient by any means. But it’s possible. So, as my official first post back to the blogging life, I thought I would share with you guys some of my favorite wellness tips for life on the go. I am not being dramatic when I say that each of these SAVED me.

Invest in a Gym or Studio Membership.

Much of my mental strength, body goals, and inner peace can be attributed to my Corepower Yoga membership. It was expensive (about $140 for an unlimited month of practice), but knowing what to expect from each class made this the smoothest workout system to incorporate into my travels. Their studios are pretty much in every major city. Plus, every studio has showers and all the hygiene basics (mouthwash, Q-tips, conditioner) so you can actually continue on with your day looking fresh.

Transition to Jitter-Free caffeine.

This one is important! I love an iced coffee just as much as the next girl, and still ordered my fair share (nobody is perfect). but caffeine anxiety is not fun, and coffee can be so harsh on the stomach. I have managed to replace MOST coffee in my day with some other key players.

You guys know I’m a matcha-holic, and I finally found THE BRAND. Ceremonial grade, beautiful branding, and fabulous customer service: meet Matchaeologist. I love them so much I am now a brand ambassador for them. I am so excited! So, if you’re looking to add some of the best Matcha around to your life…use code MIA10 here at Matchaeologist.com.

Another honorable mention in this category: Yerbae. It’s sparkling water with white tea, yerba mate and drumroll…only 30 calories. Enough said. The Orange Dream flavor tastes like a 50/50 bar and you can actually order it on Amazon here.

And, yes…my Arbonne girls were right. Fizz is awesome. It didn’t necessarily have enough caffeine to start my days, but was perfect for fighting the afternoon low. When you work 12 hour days…a good afternoon caffeine situation is needed.

Find a Good (Shelf-stable) Probiotic.

I.love.probiotic. Gut health is everything, and right now my inner child is probably thinking I am really lame for saying this publicly. But I totally notice a correlation in my consistency with taking probiotic and my skin’s clarity which is enough to keep this as a standard in my daily routine. Finding a quality shelf-stable probiotic is hard, but I found a gem in Arbonne’s Digestion Plus. Skin clarity was the biggest sign that I knew this was working, but it also worked WONDERS when it came to bloat and all of the stuff that, ya know, goes along with digestion. Leaving it at that…but just know this product is 100% worth the price.

Order the Salad.

We all know greens are important, so this one is simple: when faced with the option to add fries or a salad: always add the salad. Carbs are good…but not for concentration or alertness.

Take Yo CBD.

Not a shocker that this made the list, I know. But I probably went through three full bottles of CBD oil while on the road so I will preach this one FOREVER. The clarity and the calm that comes from adding this supplement to my daily routine is PROFOUND. I talk to high school kids all day, everyday…my patience and clarity is not something I can go without. And on that note….as always, you can use code MIA15 for 15% off here at Neurogan.com. The 300mg citrus oil is my current fave.

Supplement with Natural Vitality Calm.

This is one of those “Things” that I heard people talk about and rave about, and it wasn’t until I tried it for myself that I actually “got it.” This magnesium supplement mixes easily into water and helps support a relaxed mindset and an easy night’s rest. It is awesome and so simple to travel with. I don’t want to get into all of the science here and bore you- but check out their Amazon page here to read all about it.

Tune Into Empowering Podcasts.

There are so many podcasts out there, but the one that changed my life the most is Almost30. The hosts, Krista Williams and Lindsey Simcik are Queens that put in the time and dedication to enlighten their audience on so many different topics spanning life, love, spirituality, and health. I truly think of them as my BFF’s because of all of the life-changing info and advice they have given me.

When I get my fill of podcasts, I like to flip over to a juicy audiobook (Audible is my JAM). These fill my drives with so much value, that I actually started looking forward to driving….sometimes. If you’ve yet to get into audiobooks… Three Women by Lisa Taddeo should be your first purchase.

Call a Loved One.

The roads can get lonely and long. To combat the monotony and isolation that may arise, calling a friend or family member upon the first negative feeling always helps. Facetime is a Godsend. Don’t let your mind fall into the trap of thinking you are all alone, just because your physical body is.

Go To Sleep.

While in college, my skill of partying all night then rising for class the next morning was one to be revered. But as I grow older and wiser, I have realized that while maybe I’m good at it- it is not a habit that benefits me. So when tempted with pulling an all-nighter for whatever reason: Don’t. Get your eight hours and protect your body and mind.

I hope these wellness tips of mine did something for you. THANK YOU for reading and still being here after my long absence! I look forward to connecting with you all a little deeper over the next few months.

Much love,

P.S: This post contains links that give me a lil’ $$$ if you purchase these products through them. Support your local blogger!

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