Talking Fashion, Festivals, and Femininity with Ash Lorona

Cover photo credit: ImKeiki

If you ever find yourself inside the West Coast music scene, you will most likely cross paths with the bold beauty who is usually adorned in an avant-garde ensemble with a walkie-talkie attached to her waist.

Meet Ash Lorona.

Ash has a work ethic that is just as outstanding as her fashion sense. And while seemingly always on the go, she still maintains her vibrant candor and beautiful authenticity that is to be duly respected. From delivering the annual Desert Hearts Festival fashion show alongside her Shining Soul Sister Tessla, to staking her claim as the Vendor Coordinating Guru for the latest EDC Las Vegas, HARD Summer, and Dirtybird Campout: this woman is a creative force that has left her glittery fingerprints all across the festival industry. And? She is not even close to finished.

Mia: So Ash, when you first moved to Los Angeles, how did you initially build community?

Ash: I have built a community in LA  by following the music I love, which led me to my people. Music is such a great compass and filter. I moved down here to be involved in the music industry, so I was constantly going to shows. I was always looking around at who was doing what to make the event awesome. I actually still do this at every event to this day. I began making authentic connections with the promoters, the artists playing, the lighting teams, the people handling credentials, the security guards, the stage managers, the bartenders, the sound technicians. This became my community. I have always been appreciative of the people that put in hours of work to make a great event happen.

Mia: What does music mean to you?

Ash: Music is my home. My medicine. My one constant. I have always been obsessed with music. It is the fabric that binds most of my friendships and creative ventures. I can’t think of anything I love more.

Mia: A big part of your creativity is the Glitter Spies outlet. Can you explain what that entails for people that may have never stepped foot into the festival scene?

Ash: The Glitter Spies are what many people call my best friend Tessla and I. We started an Instagram with that name (see it here) around 5 or 6 years ago. when we started to notice something REALLY special happening with fashion inside of transformational festivals.

When we first started, “Festival Fashion” was not a term commonly used. There were like under 100 posts even using that hashtag. We featured dope festival style photos and made a company out of it shortly after. We would do a lot of our event work and our festival clothing sale parties from that platform.

Over the years our brand has morphed and changed with us. Our Instagram is now used to interview and feature iconic people with impeccable style. We get to peek into the minds of some uniquely adorned creatures and share what fashion means to them.

Mia: Where did your love of fashion come from?

Ash: I’ve always loved fashion. I am not sure where it came from, but I did have a mom that understood how much I loved it and never once judged anything I was wearing.

Mia: Do you have any favorite thrift stores across LA? 

Ash: To be honest, I do most of my vintage shopping at Goodwill. It is hard for me to drive past one and not go in. Squaresville is a proper thrift store. They have a great selection of men’s vintage which can be hard to find. I also love Melrose Trading Post

Mia: Since starting on this festival fashion path, you have become the vendor coordinating QUEEN. What do you attribute this?

Ash: Thank you! It has been such a crazy rollercoaster but I love it so much.  It would be impossible for me to be doing what I am doing now with my Vendor Coordinating work without talking about Tessla and the work we do with Desert Hearts. Tessla is the first person to point out to me that choosing the fashion and craft vendors at events is an actual job. Working with her and Desert Hearts has given me the confidence to take on other coordinating jobs.

Desert Hearts has inspired me to spread fashion probably more than any thing else. The freedom people feel there to express themselves through their fashion has changed my life completely. The Desert Hearts community gives me the freedom to express myself, and they make such beautiful canvases for the fashion vendors.

Mia: Do you have any advice for women trying to find success within the music industry?

Ash: Attend events catered around the music you want to work around. Tell people you meet what you are working towards. Seek out a mentor that is already doing it and ask for advice. Be kind, have integrity, respect yourself and the work you do. Stick with it.

Mia: And along that same line, what mistakes do you see people make in the industry?

Ash: Some common mistakes I have seen: Not being clear about compensation for work, or the timeline in which you will receive it payment. Getting too caught up in the party aspect of an event you are working. Not being kind. 

Mia: One thing I love most about following you on Instagram is your embodiment of what being a woman means to you. Do you have a moment you remember specifically where you came into your femininity?

Ash: I can’t think of the first time I came into my femininity. But I do have to remind myself to be gentle constantly. I am very blunt and harsh in my delivery of words at times. My feminine side is something I use to help myself express from a place of grace.

Mia: How has being in touch with your femininity affected your perspective on life? Your career?

Ash: Being in touch with my femininity helps me be a good nurturer. This helps me immensely taking care of creative people for a living.

Mia: I think a lot of people have this misconception that being grounded in your femininity is hard when is in a relationship, but you are very much in love! What is your “secret” to keeping a happy and healthy relationship with your partner, Trevor?

Photo Credit: Jamal Eid

Ash: Any chance I get to talk about Trevor, I am going to take!  There really is no secret to it, we just love each other so much. We truly understand each other, enjoy each other, and want to see one another succeed. That energy seeps into everything we do. We talk to each other about how we feel a lot. We have both been really honest about what triggers us, and we use that knowledge to act with care and love. I really am so blessed to be his partner.

Mia: With so much abundance in your life, what do you do to make sure you are maintaining your friendships, too?

Ash: I work where I play, so maintaining friendships comes a bit easier when working in nightlife. One thing that is important is to make sure I am seeing my friends outside of an event. Getting that good one on one time truly connecting is essential. 

Mia: How do you cultivate mindfulness during your most stressful moments?

Ash: Meditative breathing and chanting. I will breathe in through my nose and out through my mouth slowly, while saying positive affirmations in my head. Someday it is as simple as “You got this. You got this.” Other days it is “I am a powerful creator.”

Mia: Do you have a go-to self care routine?

Ash: Waking up early, showering, stretching and meditating. Beginning my day before most are awake. I love it so much. That quiet time in the morning where it is just me and my thoughts is my sacred time.

 Mia: What do you see for yourself in the future?

Ash: I have a few big life dreams that I am not ready to speak about until a bit more of the groundwork is done. But, I do see myself with a family, a garden, and a home with creative people coming in and out of it constantly.

Mia: And last, but not least, what is one song everyone should check out right now?

Ash: I’ve been into really dreamy rock with female vocals all summer, so Still Corners’ “The Trip.”

Connect with Ash here.

See photos from the Desert Hearts Fashion Show here.

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