Enriching Mind, Body, and Soul at Same Same But Different Festival 2019

For many of you reading this, it’s probably no surprise to hear that my festival season goals used to resemble seeing how fast I could chug a box of wine or how many nights I could go without sleep. Well, thank God for growth! As I mature, I now find myself searching out festival experiences that give me opportunities for mind, body, and soul development, instead of ones that only leave me with a dreadful hangover. I know that I am not alone in this. This is where Same Same But Different comes in, and why I am so grateful for this beautiful boutique festival. In its second year, the team has curated even more enriching workshops for all to enjoy alongside the other dynamic activities SSBD has to offer.


The serene backdrop of Lake Perris is ideal for inducing deep meditations and heartfelt connections. You haven’t lived until you’ve basked in the glow of the sunset that illuminates every edge of the festival grounds.

John Jay will be gracing this picturesque festival with his “Headless Yoga & Meditation,” where yogis will venture through a 50 minute Vinyasa flow that will teach them how to quiet mental chatter, stop self-identifying with their thoughts, and essentially become “headless”. Post-flow, all will gather for a 10 minute meditation to soak up the calm. Andrea Galvez will be hosting her Cosmic Expansion workshop that will include sound healing, Reiki, and guided meditation that will help participants gain a better sense of oneness and connectivity with the Divine.

For those looking to further activate and align themselves with their higher being, Rae Irelan‘s “Ignite Your Full Potential” Workshop is one not to be missed. Rae is notable for curating amazing events, which is why I cannot wait for this session. Through breath-work, sacred twerking (does it get better than that?), and vocal activation, Rae will teach attendees how to cultivate endless abundance and enriching relationships.


Obviously, we come to festivals with the intention to move, shake, and vibe with our community. At SSBD, guests are given ample opportunities to break from the norm and get moving in ways that can really shake up some stagnant energy. All festival-goers will be able to paddleboard, hike, and flow to welcome in fresh perspectives just before Autumn’s arrival.

Since its inception, a core facet of the SSBD experience has been Yoga. This year, several amazing Southern California based Yogis will be coming out to lead amazing classes of all different styles and flows. If you are looking for a peaceful Yin Yoga class accompanied by acupressure and aromatherapy, make sure to stop by Nadia‘s class. If you are looking to connect back to the wild woman (or man) within, Rebecca Mourits will be leading a ReWild Your Roots Yoga class centered on activating the Root and Sacral chakras. Yummy.

And with a selection of Southern California’s best vendors, nourishing your body at SSBD is also easy. From kombucha on tap to the best Korean food around, delicious sustenance is both accessible and affordable at Same Same But Different. But don’t you worry, the beachside Coconut Club will be serving freshly cut coconuts and boozy “Coco Locos” for those looking to imbibe.


One tried and true way to reconnect with your soul is by letting your inner child out to play. Same Same But Different is the lush playground that beckons all to let their hair down, leave the 9-5 where it belongs, and enjoy pure, childlike fun.

For those looking to create deeper soul-connections and friendships, dancing is truly the gateway to discovering both. SSBD is offering two unique dance classes that are guaranteed to open attendees right up to the people and magic around them. The New Style Hustle Dance Class will be a high energy class combining the 1970’s classic hustle dance with partner dancing and energetic sequences. For those looking to ground their bodies in nature, Vika S. Hernandez will be teaching her sensual Serpent Dance Class workshop that is rooted in Afro-Brazillian divinity.

And for those looking to get in tune with their creative side, San Diego based artist Krystal Dyer will be teaching several painting and crafting workshops that both kids and kids at heart will enjoy all the same.

Same Same But Different is the festival that fulfills all parts of the human experience. Each attendee will have the opportunity to create connection and dive into personal development however they see fit. The only requirements are to show up, leave the comfort zone, and let the magic happen.

Tickets are still on sale here. I hope to see you there!

All photos provided by Same Same But Different Festival

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