Cultivating Conscious Communities With Ronnie M

The day I walked into Ronnie M Layering Bar, I could just feel the love and passion oozing out from each corner and creation. Immediately Ronnie, business namesake and shop owner, greeted me with a genuine smile. The minute I told her I had been following her on Instagram and loving her authenticity with her audience, she engulfed me in a huge hug and thanked me. And that was the second I knew she was a down-to-Earth chick that I wanted to have in my circle forever.

Since that day, I’ve witnessed Ronnie manifest the creation of two more ventures: Manifesting Through Intention and The Bloom Brunch. Both are event series designed for women that are equally founded upon love, spirituality, and of course, community. Because to Ronnie, “community is so much more than a word. It’s something that is curated, connected and genuinely one. A community never wavers; it is held together by passion and love, and that is what I hope to give everyone who is apart of mine.” For many that are a part of her ever-growing community, including myself, she has been an inspiration to just go for It (whatever It may be). Which is why getting to pick her brain and find out more about the woman behind the brand(s)  has been so special.

The Bloom Brunch is a Quarterly event currently taking place at The Electric Loft in Pomona, where Bloom Partners come to share with the audience ways to ignite their businesses. A “Bloom Strategist” will speak and coach the audience through the topic of the day depending on the focus. Her upcoming brunch in September will focus on branding- a must for any budding entrepreneur or blogger. Ronnie states that the purpose of this series is for women to “become who it is they are destined to be as a business owner.” Besides gaining a stronger business acumen, Ronnie wants each attendee to ”walk away with clarity, confidence and community themselves.” All of this is also accompanied by a brunch full of divine local cuisine, of course. 

Manifesting Through Intention is Ronnie’s other lovechild, where her dedication to Spirituality really gets to shine. This traveling workshop is the Mecca for any woman looking to set clear intentions for her future and work through any spiritual blocks she may be harnessing. The upcoming installment in Laguna Beach on August 17th will feature a breathwork and meditation session that will further each attendee’s connection with themselves while releasing stress, worry, and pain. In Ronnie’s words, this work is crucial because “when women step out and do something for themselves, it truly opens the floodgates for so much more internally.”

Mmmm. Yes.

So if you somehow haven’t noticed by now, spirituality is everything with Ronnie. I believe that is why I find her to be so magnetic: all that she does is centered around Spirit. Ronnie keeps the connectedness at the forefront of everything she does because “without that, I lose focus on why I am even doing what I am doing to begin with. I am lead by having faith that everything I do, is because Spirit has lead me to do so. I feel what comes to me and do so with creativity and passion. Spiritualism is all around us, and it’s in everything I curate.”

Ronnie’s personal tips for anyone wanting to turn their passions into a business?

“Be prepared to let the fear go. For the first year of my business when I pursued it full time and left my leadership position, I didn’t fully let the fear go. When I truly released it was in 2018 during the Full Moon, Blue Moon and Eclipse. I just sat there, rock bottom asking the Universe and God to lead me as I needed to be. And undoubtedly, they did. You just have to be ready 100% to let fear go because if you don’t, and you take the leap, the other 50% of you that is tied to the fear will always hold you back.” 

Now, on top of being a Momma to three blooming businesses, Ronnie is also a Momma to two growing children. To keep balance and motivation isn’t easy, but she always finds a way to make it work. In other words: she doesn’t sweat the small shit and gives back to herself. Her go-to ways to practice self care? 

“I wash my face every night. I know it sounds crazy, but it’s the routine of washing my face that is more than just a necessity. It’s a symbol of taking off what is old, and doesn’t belong. It’s getting back in the flesh of who you are behind the highlighter and mascara. I also go to Bootcamp workouts because for me, that is connection too. It’s a release and a time where for 50 minutes the only person who matters in that room is me. No one else, all shit left at the door, just me.” 

For me, Ronnie emanates what womanhood really is: gracefully juggling responsibilities, cultivating an authentic community, and managing to bring love into every experience. Read: she is a badass. Naturally we all have our different ideas of what being a woman means to us, and rightly so. Ronnie sums it up perfectly, though:

“Omg. Being a Woman? Shit. That’s just power. A woman in today’s society is not the woman who existed in 1970, 1980, 1990 or even early 2000’s. We have evolved. We have become something mighty and real. We are voicing who we are through vibration and movement. It’s through the community of women where we truly have the greatest voice. Being a woman is a vibration, it’s a movement, it’s a culture and I am so glad, I am in it!”

Connect with Ronnie on Instagram here

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