The 5 Cheap and Clean Hormonal Acne Fighting Products I Can’t Live Without

Remember when you were 15 and you thought that once you became an “Adult” that eventually you wouldn’t have to worry about breakouts and eventually have #flawless clear skin without even trying?

Yeaaaah, me too…and I’m now 24 with hormonal breakouts that just keep on finding their way onto my face every.single.month. What the hell is that about? And not just surface level zits, but ones that HURT and don’t have any plans to ever leave.

(Read how to know if your breakouts are hormonal here)

Well, it’s totally been a battle and a half, but I have finally found the 5 cheap and clean hormonal acne fighting products I can count on to alleviate those painful zits every single time. I swear by them. They don’t break the bank, you’re not unloading a bunch of weird chemicals onto your face, and they all work really quickly.

If you struggle like me, first- I’m sorry. I know it sucks. Second, we will survive, sis!

Before I tell you about these fave products of mine, I would like to shamelessly say that if you purchase any products through these links, I receive a little $$$ kickback to help keep my blog alive. Thank you in advance! Now, without further adieu, here are my go-to cheap and clean hormonal acne fighting products that I cannot live without! Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

cocokind turmeric stick for hormonal acne fighting
  1. Cocokind Turmeric Stick

My ladies… if there is ONE single product you add to your hormonal acne fighting regimen, let it be this. The Turmeric stick has been a mainstay in my rotation for awhile and this probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard me rave about it. Turmeric works by eliminating inflammation (AKA what causes the hurt) while also alleviating redness & unclogging pores. After cleansing your face each night, keep it on for 20 minutes, and then wash it off. Easy breezy. Don’t fall asleep with it on though because it will stain your sheets. The stick is only around $9 and one of the best products you will invest in. I promise.

Purchase here: Cocokind Turmeric Stick

2. Cocokind Chlorophyll Mask

When I use this mask in tandem with the Turmeric Stick, my skin is practically BEAMING with gratitude. While the Turmeric stick works all of its ant-inflammatory goodness, the Chlorophyll Mask soothes and clarifies with all of the yummy antioxidants your face needs. Plus, it is SO FUN to put on. I usually mix it with water and a touch of Vitamin E oil to really pack in the antioxidants. After I wash it off, my skin looks more even and a lot less angry. Another holy grail product right here.

Purchase here: Cocokind Organic Chlorophyll Mask

3. CosRX Acne Patches

The day I walked into the Korean skincare store and picked these up- my entire world was turned upside down in the best of ways. At this point, after about a year of relying on these acne patches, I can’t think of any other way these things work other than pure MAGIC. It could also be the fact that they draw out the excess moisture from the pore, but I like magic better. Anyway, you leave the patch on overnight (it’s transparent so you can wear it during the day, too), and when you wake up most of the gunk that was inside of your skin when you fell asleep, is now sucked up onto this little patch. It’s one of those gross things that we don’t like to admit we enjoy seeing, but you know we all enjoy seeing- ya know? Usually after using these for 2 or 3 nights along the peskiest of zits are out of my life for good.

Purchase here: Cosrx Acne Pimple Master Patches

4. Ice roller

While you can definitely just pick up a piece of ice and stick it on your skin, using an ice roller is a bit more enjoyable. The cold of the ice roller works to reduce inflammation and swelling by improving blood circulation around the zit. It’s not an instant fix, but will help take some of the pain away. It’s also a great tool for reducing puffiness around the face, too.

Purchase here: Ice Roller for Face & Eyes

5.Aztec Healing Clay Mask

This mask WORKS. So well, in fact, that I can really only use it once a week because too much of it dries my skin out too much. But when I feel my pores are backed up beyond normal repair, this is my go to. You mix it with equal parts apple cider vinegar, lather it on, and wait for it to dry. You know it’s working when you can’t really make any normal facial expressions. After washing, your face will be pretty red, and this is when I lather up with some yummy oils and moisturizer to combat the dryness.

Purchase here: Indian Healing Clay Mask

Cheers to happy healing, sis!

cocokind chlorophyll mask for hormonal acne fighting

Much love,

hormonal acne fighting products


    1. mialatoy

      Right?! Cocokind is always there to save the day! I’m telling ya, the patches are CRAZY! You’ll have to let me know what you think after trying them 🙂 thanks for reading girlfriend!


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