A Playlist For The Highs, The Lows & The I Don’t Even Knows

Well, it’s already September. Somehow…

I am definitely in a different position than I could have ever anticipated even just three months ago. Gratefully so. 2018 has been full of quick changes, unexpected wins, and confusing twists. I think this is true for all of us. But, it wouldn’t be our fabulous Twenties without any of those components, so it’s so important to always attempt to face everything Life throws our way with a resounding sense of gratitude. We are alive and well. We are surrounded by people we love, and people that love us. We are creating dream careers and maybe even finding love! Life is good.

But don’t get me wrong- it’s also totally confusing.

Now that I am fully living the Admissions Counselor lifestyle- I’m in the car A LOT. So, I have much more time to reflect on Life and of course, listen to new jams. That time is both a blessing, and a curse. I feel this playlist is reflective of those introspective moments, and the roller-coaster of emotions we all face daily. I hope that you find it a reliable companion to chill you out during those moments where you shift from being totally content with yourself, to being a little nervous about what’s in store for you next. I hope that it brings you some understanding of the flurry of  emotions that usually arise at the times where you’re wanting to focus on something, anything, else. And, I hope you love it! We all go through this confusion, so no shame. Good things (and clarity) are coming, I promise.

Our Twenties are so unpredictable. But so fun and full of passion.

So, from my heart to yours, here is a playlist to accompany you through those contemplative solo drives this month. Please let me know what you think in the comments!

Much Love,

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Cover Photo: Kathy Klein

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