Catching Flights & Embracing Change

Change is the only constant.

And it seems as though this current moment is one big ethereal moment chock full of change. I am grateful. I am content. I am nervous!

I am sitting in the middle of the Phoenix airport before catching my next flight to Florida, where I’ll be spending the next couple of days in Boca Raton to refresh and rejuvenate. I’ll get to visit my Great Aunt, lay like a bum on the beach (my fave), and check seeing another state off of my list. This will be #20! This is all in preparation for the next chapter that is about to begin in my life.

After a year of living with my parents, I am finally in a financially stable place where I can afford to move out. I have signed the application, and will be moving into an apartment with an awesome woman in Upland, CA. Yay! Thanks Craigslist.

There are no words that can ever explain my gratitude for having such supportive parents that allowed me to take all of the time I needed to be able to make this move. California is expensive- just in case you had any doubts about that one. There are also no words that can explain how excited I am to be fully independent again. Minus the whole paying bills and doing my own grocery shopping part. But, you win some, you lose some.

Next big area of change:

My last day working at UC, Riverside was Friday, July 27th. It was HARD to quit, because my coworkers were some of the most down-to-earth people that actually made working an 8-5 bearable. However, it was the choice I knew I had to make, because…

I was offered the opportunity to be the Southern California Admissions Counselor for Colorado Mesa University!

A position working for the university that built me and provided me with so many life-changing experiences and relationships. A solution to the split-heartedness I have felt since moving back to California. A chance to show all of those Californians why moving to Colorado for a couple years is the smartest move you could make. Ahhh!

Currently, I just feel so freaking lucky. But, besides luck, I do know there are some key factors that came into play, that hopefully can be of some help to you. Life isn’t easy, or predictable, but there are some themes that always repeat:

  • Tie up your loose ends, and never leave a job unfinished.
  • Build your network, and keep it alive. You never know when it will guide you to the next opportunity.
  • Follow your passions.
  • Trust the process.
  • Do your best.
  • Be yourself.


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