A Playlist to Accompany those warm July days.

A July Playlist From My Heart To Yours

Now, not to let my inner Leo show too much- but July is absolutely my favorite month. The sun is out in full glory, margaritas are flowing abundantly, and a beach day is the only thing I’m looking forward to. I love nothing more than a summer full of lazing around in a bikini being cute, leisurely and (probably) a little bit tipsy.

Ok, now my Leo is showing.

Nonetheless, a correct July playlist is necessary to complement the long days of soaking up some cherished Vitamin D.

SATICA is an artist I recently discovered during a Spotify rabbit-hole moment and I am in LOVE- which is why she is so heavily featured on this playlist. While this Long Beach based artist currently has a small catalogue, she has already won me over. Somehow, her songs are grounded, relatable, and down-to-Earth, yet still deliver the same dreamy, floating feeling that Alina Baraz brings.

From my heart to yours. Enjoy. ❤

Featured photo by Don Idio Photography


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